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Zagg Invisible Shield

I am a great fan of this. Right after I walked out of the Apple Store, there was one of those store carts at the mall. This lady showed me sample iPhones with this cover. Let’s just say it’s simply amazing. You can’t see it and its so thin. However, it does protect your phone really well. I’ve had it over a month now and no scratches!

Basically, it’s about $25 for the cover plus $5 installation fee. Yes, the sales associate actually applies it for you so it is quite perfect. There no are bubbles. After she finishes, she wraps it in tissue. It was kind of like surgery for my little baby. You have to be careful handling for 12-24 hours as the shield settles. But afterwards its great. It also helps with the grip by not making it slippery. I highly recommend it but you probably should let them install it for you. Otherwise, you can mess it up and get a new one.

invisibleSHIELD for the Apple iPhone 3G (Full Body)

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