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A beanbag chair so your cell phone can rest!

Cellphone beanbag chair

Cellphone beanbag chair

My iPhone is one of my closest friends. It has always been there for me and has never asked for anything. Well, except for the occasional recharge.  It’s about time I return the favor with some love. Behold the cellphone bean bag chair!  You can start with a nice place for your phone to sit.

This diminutive beanbag chair is just the thing. Scientifically proven to be the most comfortable cellphone chair on the market. Ergonomically designed to eliminate pressure points that can bruise or cause extremities to go numb, this beanbag chair rests your cellphone in the most neutral position possible. 9 out of 10 cellphones agree, this is the best cellphone beanbag chair ever made!

Sure, some may laugh at you, but if your cellphone can check email, play music, video, youtube, snap pictures, find directions, restaurants, it really does deserve the best. You owe it to your phone to make his downtime the most comfortable possible. The beanbag cellphone chair is so comfortable, your phone is guaranteed to remain seated until someone picks it up again.

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