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Peddle YoGen MaxT Gives Laptop Juice

YoGen MaxT

YoGen MaxT

Ever want to just kick your laptop because it ran out of juice? Well, now you can! In a positive and more environmentally friendly way. It uses mechanical (kinetic) energy to power your laptop. YoGen MaxT comes with a paddle that charges AA batteries, and they in turn power the notebook so it doesn’t shut down as soon as the paddle stops.

The YoGen MaxT collapses into a handy package and will not be abusive in a trip even in a short one. In a folded form its dimensions are 170 x 184 x 49 mm. The width and height increase little bit when YoGen MaxT is set to work. The AA batteries are optional – up 12 of them and in standard it has a number of adapters for the plug and a battery indicator.

YoGen MaxT appears to be a quality product as long as its got the solar chargers. But also it might look hilarious to peddle the box on public. Its sorta like The Jetsons meets The Flintstones again.

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