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Desktop Mini Space Invaders

February 11th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today was a happy day for those in the professional world.  Breaking news reports lead us to believe that a cure for boredom has in fact been found.  The next time you hit a mental jam at work or have insurmountable stress, just take a second to relax and relieve your stress and boredom with the Mini Space Invaders game.  Many acclaimed workers have put their reputations at stake saying that the mini space invaders game has cured their boredom for good.

If you area good friend and co-worker, you will pass this news on to your office mates.  If you are serious about killing boredom for good you will go a step further and create office space invader tournaments with a the prize parking spot passed around from the current high score holder to the next.  Don’t let boredom kill you, instead kill the aliens.

Space Invaders Mini Arcade Game

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