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Listen to Music Just Like Barbie

February 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Saturday morning commercials are what kids live for. They tell kids which cereals to nag their parents for, what new PopTart flavors to try, and what great new toys are coming out. During my time in childhood, I can remember an endless stream of commercials promoting Barbie accessories. It seems that the people over at Mattel have done it again.

Music, Barbie Style!

Music, Barbie Style!

Now young girls (presumably) can listen to music just like Barbie with the pink mp3 player made to look like a make-up compact. While listening to the music, Barbie and the listener can check their hair, makeup, and teeth just to make sure they are perfect.

While the new Barbie mp3 is pretty cool, I think I will stick with my iPod for just a little longer…

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