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Does Size Really Matter?

February 18th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here at GadgetMETER we recently featured Panasonic’s new 103 inch television.  As it turns out, the 103 inch plasma screen tv is not the biggest one.  Panasonic one upped themselves with a 150 inch version.

Before all of you out there with your average sized 36 inchers start to get self concious, it is important to note that it is improbable that the 150 incher will be available for sale to the public anytime soon.  So, there really is not need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about having a smaller television.  Besides, you would have to wonder where a TV that large could be kept.  It is unlikely that most people have enough room in their house, and on their walls to accomodate a 150 inch television.  Even if you could, you would have to watch it from the back yard in an attempt to preserve your eyesight.

Just to put things in perspective, check out the pictures and see how the size of the TV measures up against the average sized man.

Panasonic 150" HDTV

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