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Rubik’s Cube For A New Generation

February 24th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

rubiks touchcube 300x186 Rubiks Cube For A New Generation

That classic 80s time-waster, the Rubik’s Cube, is back. Actually, it never went anywhere but this version of the 3-D puzzle has been re-imagined for a new generation. The Rubik’s TouchCube, developed by toymaker Techno Source, responds to a simple touch of your fingers rather instead of requiring you to turn parts of the cube. (Kind of like when the Wheel of Fortune set got revamped.) If that upgrade isn’t good enough for you, the new cube also gives out hints if you’re really stumped.¬†The TouchCube is¬†expected to cost about $150 when it hits stores this fall. Hey, this time around, you might actually solve this thing.

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