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Summertime sledding

February 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Like sledding?  Swooshing down a white powdery hill, going faster and faster until you hit the bottom and smash into the tree you can’t steer around cause your sled has no guidance mechanisms to speak of.  Then the long cold trudge back uphill to repeat.  Well I for one hate cold weather.  So I found this bit of awesomeness:

slicer sled2 Summertime sleddingIn case you can’t tell what that is – it’s a sled with ice on the bottom.  Why?  Cause it’s multi-functional.  In the winter, you remove the ice and it works just like a normal sled.  But in the summer, you slide those ice trays on the bottom of this puppy and you get something like this:

slicer grass 300x225 Summertime sleddingThat’s right.  You’re sledding.  On grass.  IN THE SUMMER.  NO COLD.  This is the Slicer Sled and it will make your kid (and you) the coolest people in the neighborhood.  You can check out video of it in action here – it has to be seen to be believed.  And the great thing is that it works just fine in the winter too.  If you would rather, you know, deal with the cold and stuff.

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