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Greenciles – 100% Recycled Pencils

packylapices Greenciles   100% Recycled Pencils

Greenciles - 100% Recycled Pencils

More and more scientific evidence is proving that conventional wood pencils are doing more harm to the environment than good.  For a conventional pencil to become a reality, trees must be cut down, the wood harvested, then mixed and fired with clay powders.  What a process for something as simple as a pencil!

Greenciles are revolutionary!  They are made from 100% recycled paper.  No wood or raw materials are used in the process of these environmentally friendly pencils.  Paper from stationary, newsprint, or any other paper source is cleaned, reused, and wrapped around a graphite core. 

These “green” pencils are standard no. 2 and completely recyclable; even the shavings can be recycled.  Try doing that with an ordinary pencil.  To finish them off, they are topped with a synthetic eraser for optimal erasing abilities. 

Greenciles are available now at greenciles.com for just $29.99/10 boxes.  That’s a total of 100 pencils! 

Via Great Green Gadgets

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