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IKEA Lights Up the Night For Less

ikea solig lighting 150x150 IKEA Lights Up the Night For LessSure, it’s still March and the snow’s barely started to melt in some places, but you’re probably already thinking about spring cleaning. And once your brain gets started down that road, it’s easy to start anticipating balmy summer days. If you just can’t wait to get a start on your warm-weather decorating, IKEA’s introduced a line of solar-powered lighting options to prettify your patio or garden. The SOLIG series includes stake light chains (left, $19.99), uplight chainsĀ ($14.99), hanging lamps ($19.99) and lighting posts ($9.99). All SOLIG solar-powered products come with auto mode and an on-off switch. Even the SOLIG battery-operated lighting is greener than most; it uses LED technology, which is more energy-efficient and longer-lasting that traditional lighting.

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