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You need space? Western Digital intros 8TB NAS.

wdfsharespace_4nc1Western Digital knows you got needs.  Storage needs.  After all, I’m sure you have years of tax returns, utility bills, credit card and bank statements, receipts, all dutifully scanned at 1200dpi and taking up valuable space on your laptop’s hard drive.  Plus, of course, your usual media files.  Well they want to help you keep all that stuff around for years and years.  The WD ShareSpace NAS unit contains 8 terabytes of lovely storage space via four 2 terabyte hard drives.  It supports DLNA media streaming, has a built-in iTunes media streamer, and comes with backup software.  You plug it in via a gigabit Ethernet connection, and configure it as a RAID 0/1/5 drive and you’re off to the races.  It’ll even email you when a drive failure is imminent.  And it even uses green-friendly hard drives that consume up to 33% less power.  Now excuse me while I go see how quickly I can fill this puppy with porn…err…I mean tax returns.


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