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DIY camera invokes model building memories

I don’t know about you young whippersnappers but in my day, I used to build plastic models.  Cars, planes, boats, spaceships – you name it, I built it.  In the process, I’d usually lose at least one critical part, cover the kitchen table in clear glue, and rip half the decals trying to place them in the right positions.  Well this little gadget is for you.

16315970_00_bThat’s right – it’s a 35mm camera in model kit form.  Urban Outfitters is selling these things for an eminently reasonable $28.  Supposedly it doesn’t require any glue, takes a couple hours to put together, and takes “perfectly imperfect” pictures.  Which basically means to me that they’ll be fuzzy and feature your thumb half the time, but hey – those pics will be coming from something you built with your own two hands.  When was the last time you could say that about a piece of tech?

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