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Flower Power comes to solar energy

Those Stanford kids – they’re so smart you just wanna beat them.  Well add two more to the whuppin’ pile.  For those of you who’ve longed for solar power to improve your green cred but lacked the cash necessary to make that dream real, Capra J’neva and Emilie Fetscher have a product for you.

veranda-solarThose petals are solar panels.  They’re designed to be attached to gutters or balconies or just hang out outside your window.  They come in different sizes and can be chained together to increase output.  They generate DC power, which is then turned into AC power by an inverter.  That AC power can be plugged directly into the electrical grid.

The company those two bright (ha ha, I made a pun!) guys created is called Veranda Solar and they received 100,000 euros to make those petals a reality.  They’re hoping to price them at around $600 per unit.


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