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solCHAT untangles your car just a little bit.

I don’t know about you but my car is a mass of wires.  I’ve got power cords for my iPhone, my GPS, and (for really long trips) a couple headrest monitors connected to a DVD player.  That’s a lot of stuff plugged into cigarette lighters jacks.  Thank god I don’t smoke, cause I really need the plugs.  And while I like wireless Bluetooth headsets, they’re yet another thing I gotta have a power cord for just in case I run out of charge while chatting with my supermodel actress “friend” from Sweden.  Well Scosche has just announced their solCHAT to help me deal with that last problem.

43612926600x400cbhsol_backThe solCHAT is a solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone.  So you throw this little puppy on the dash, connect it to your iPhone or Bluetooth capable handset, and head off into the sunrise talking away.

Now my supermodel friend has said that the wind noise when I’m driving topdown in my Aston Martin makes it difficult to hear my melodious voice, but that’s a small price to pay for having one less thing to plug in.

Should be available soon.


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