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I’m wearing a HALO

You all know how I love slim.  Women, toys, phones, furniture – if it’s sleek and minimal, I usually want it.  This new product from Jabra is right up there in the slim-o-sphere.  So of course I want it.

jabra01The HALO is Jabra’s first stereo Bluetooth headphone.  It’s due in May (gee, the timing wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain product that will be releasing stereo Bluetooth streaming by any chance would it?) and is one of the few Jabra products designed for two ears, not just one.  It folds in upon itself to minimize its storage requirements even more and will play for six hours between charges.  Of course, being a Jabra, it will also let you take calls as well as listen to your new iPhone 4G sans wires.  Man, I’ve been asking for that since iPod 5G.  About FRAKKIN’ TIME Apple!

Course, this slim beauty isn’t cheap (slim beauties rarely are), so if you want it, it’ll set you back 130 bones.  Gotta pay to be pretty, baby.


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