Optical Zoom Lens for iPhone

Optical Zoom Telescope iPhone 3G

Optical Zoom Telescope iPhone 3G

If you cannot wait for the next iPhone coming Summer 2009 with the 3MP Optical Zoom Lens, you might want to pick up this Telescop for iPhone 3G instead.

It features 6x Optical Zoom lens attached to your iPhone and also supports wide angle for a cinematic look. It is also overall brighter and has better color than the default iPhone lens.

The price isn’t too bad either. Currently it is $25 at Hand Held Items.

Product Features:

  • Zoom in and out with 6x optical lens
  • Special made case to fit the telescope
  • Wide angle, larger luminous flux, good color reduction
  • Better quality of picture
  • Includes iPhone telescope case, lanyard and the telescope

Via Gadget Grid

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