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Breastlight self-examination tool

I was going to write a smarmy post about the best way to examine breasts, but decided instead to take the high road.  I’ll be smacking myself for this later I know.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in women.  For women with a history of this disease in their family, it’s almost like a time bomb waiting to go off.  Short of flooding yourself with radiation, the best way to detect it early has been via self-examination.  Unfortunately, unless you really know what you’re supposed to feel, it’s kinda hard to know if you’ve actually found a lump.  Well this little baby helps remove some of the doubt.

testrgb1214906259_569This is the Breastlight.  It’s a diagnostic tool that’s designed to help detect irregularities that may lead to cancer.  Basically, you sit in a very dark room, you cover your breast in a lubricant to help the detection process, and you shine the Breastlight from the underside of your breast.  The light emitted by the device shines up through your breast, and irregularities are detected as dark areas.  It’s pricey, but peace of mind really doesn’t have a price now does it?

via Coolest Gadgets

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