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Sony Ericsson w350

As mobile phones evolve the lines between electronic devices become thinner.  With Apple’s iPhone blurring the lines between PDA, cell phone, music player, and internet browser, many other companies have felt the pressure to follow suit.  Mp3 capable phones are nothing intrinsically new (think LG Chocolate) but Sony Ericsson has recently re-entered the scene by  releasing their w350 as a mashup between mobile phone and Walkman media player.

The most notable thing about the new Sony cell piece is not its integrated phone and media capabilites.  Rather, the most notable things about Sony Ericsson’s w350 is the design.  It seems that in an effort to combine capabilites and gadgets, the have opted to add in the retro flip element.  The flip mouthpiece is something that has not been seen on cell phones since the late 90’s and perhaps first year after 2000.  The only functionality the flip piece provides are the controls for the Walkman feature – which could have, and should have, been easily integrated into the keypad of the device.  The retro flip piece is an unbecoming feature to the phone, and makes it appear to be rather “cheap”.  It is a shame too, becuase Sony Ericsson did have a pretty good thing going…

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