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DTXTR translates tweenspeak

Via TechCrunch comes word of a new tool from LG called DTXTR (de-text-er).  It’s being (humorously) described as a translater of the texting language used by tweens and teens as shorthand for long phrases that would be painful to thumb-type.

dtxtr 300x181 DTXTR translates tweenspeakTo translate, you enter the tweentongue phrase on the left or the English phrase on the right.  You then click the DTXTR button to get the proper translation.

dtxtr 2 300x184 DTXTR translates tweenspeakI will say that the dictionary is pretty limited and relies on user-inputted updates to its terminology database.  However, it did give me a new tweenword to describe my newly teen daughter.  icon biggrin DTXTR translates tweenspeak

via TechCrunch

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