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Flipping for the Flip

I was roaming downtown Austin during the annual Pecan Street Fair a few weeks ago to go see a DJ friend of mine and the band he was performing with. Said DJ gave my boyfriend a tiny gadget and asked him to film the set so he could post it up on his website. It was the size of a cell phone and captured video in HD. I was instantly in love. It was the Flip MinoHD.


I currently use the Panasonic HDC-HS9. It’s got a 60 GB built in hard drive, a 3CCD sensor and the video is full 1920×1080 resolution. But even at it’s soda can size it’s cumbersome to carry around all the time. I only take it out when I know I’m going to use it. I wouldn’t just carry it around with me on the off chance that I might see something film worthy. Especially not on my bike (one crash and that’s a thousand bucks I won’t be getting back). The Flip MinoHD, however, is so tiny I could keep it on me at all times. It’s got 4GB of memory for about an hour’s worth of footage and it takes totally acceptable video, in HD, that is perfect for web broadcasts. And it’s already in H.264 format!
It seems a bit like a waste to use my Panasonic for stuff I’m just putting up online anyway. That should be reserved for something a little more serious.
The Flip MinoHD is $229.99 and comes in two colors, silver and black. They have a non HD version and a few other models as well to suit your needs and budget. And both versions of the Mino are “designable”.
Check it out: The Flip

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