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The SlingBack – Wire. Less.

To show you how truly cutting edge GadgetMETER is in reporting on the newest gadgets of all shapes, sizes, and purposes we have decided to feature a product that is not even in production yet.  Enter the SlingBack.

The SlingBack is the latest and greatest in cable and wire management.  The SlingBack is a universal wire retractor geared toward making your cords and cables easier to manage in a stylish and fun way.  Wire retractors are no new product, however they all come with wires pre-encased and only exist for one specific purpose.  The SlingBack is out to change all of that.  The Slingback comes without a cord preloaded in the device.  It is up to the user to choose which cable or cord to manage and shorten.

To use the SlingBack, simply pry open the casing (don’t worry about breaking it, it is held together by magnets) and place a cord in.  Put the casing back together, and give one side of the cord a pull to let it retract and coil inside of the SlingBack.  The SlingBack comes with rubber pads on the bottom so that it does not slip and slide all over the place, and also contains stackability features with the inter-locking flower design.  The SlingBack is not yet for sale in stores.  When it is released to stores it will cost $15.  However, if you are a smart shopper you will order one at the SlingBack presale for only $9.99!


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