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The Death Star blinks…a little

Hot from AT&T’s presses.

AT&T Press ReleaseAT&T has modified their pricing for iPhone 3G customers.  If you were eligible for fully subsidized pricing in July, August, or September, AT&T will give you the subsidized price now.  Basically you’re getting up to a 3-month reprieve if you upgrade.  The press release has all the details, but if you want to check whether or not you’re qualified, just call *639# from your iPhone.   You’ll get a text back from AT&T indicating when is the earliest you can upgrade your phone.  If the upgrade date is in the July-September timeframe, you’re golden.  UPDATE: AT&T’s systems have not yet caught up to their press release.  That’s why I’m still getting the December date as my eligibility date.  If I had actually read through the press release instead of scanning just the parts that were important to me, I would have realized that their systems won’t have caught up until the 18th, which is tomorrow.

Here’s the AT&T press release.

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