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How To Tether iPhone 3.0 for AT&T

How To Tether iPhone 3.0 with AT&T

How To Tether iPhone 3.0 with AT&T

AT&T has to realize we’re going to tether the iPhone with or without their help. Tethering allows you to use your mobile phone as a “modem” or bridge to the Internet with your other devices like laptop. No Wi-Fi Hot Spot freely available? No Worries.


  • Mac OS X Leopard Required
  • Install iTunes 8.2 Required
  • Download this carrier settings file from gizmodo.com and double click it to mount it in Finder
  • iPhone 3.0 (7A341) Gold Master final release
  • Quit iTunes.
  • Run Terminal and this script
    defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB
  • Go To Devices Summary in iTunes
  • Option Click and hit Restore. Browse to and select ATT_US.ipcc. It is IMPORTANT to option click otherwise you will restore to previous iPhone back ups!
  • UpdateSettingsLaunch iPhone – General –  Network – Internet Tethering – On
  • If tethering is successful, you will see a message that is similar to the following:
    Network Adapter
  • Go into Preferences Network select the adapter as displayed above, and you’ll see something similar to this as it becomes active. Select that adaptor

    Network Preferences Mac

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