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Floating apartment complex

I’ve finally discovered where I would live if money and language were no object!
It’s called The Citadel, and it’s going to be somewhere in the Netherlands (Surely Dutch isn’t that hard to learn).

Citadel 1

The Citadel is the world’s first floating apartment complex, designed by architect Koen Olthius of Waterstudio. And it will use 25% less energy than than a conventional building on land by using unique water cooling techniques.
The project will be built on a polder, a recessed area below sea level where flood waters settle from heavy rains.
There will be 60 luxury apartments in the complex, a car park, a floating road to access it, boat docks and greenhouses.
Apparently this is just the beginning of the proposed development. If all goes well there are to be several more buildings to surround this one.

Citadel 2

Via The Guardian UK and Inhabit

Check out an interview with architect Koen Olthius.

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