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hField Technologies Wi-Fire

hField Technologies has just launched the newest generation of its Wi-Fire USB WiFi Adapter. The new Wi-Fire is 40% smaller, and 30% lighter, but still delivers an extra punch over its predecessor, already the most powerful adapter on the market.

The Wi-Fire multiplies the effectiveness of any 802.11 b/g wireless networks and eliminates those nasty dead spots that plague users. It allows users to connect to a WiFi network from up to 1,000 feet-more than three times the range of other 802.11 adapters-often at significantly higher speeds, and even in locations where no wireless signal could be detected previously. Independent testing has shown the Wi-Fire outperforms 802.11n adapters at distance; delivering greater throughput and a more stable connection.

Wi-Fire, only 2.8 ounces, is palm-sized and easy-to-use. Its portability and long range make it a natural for travelers and other Wi-Fi users who want to connect at their convenience, not a network’s whims.

This new hardware release also features hField’s new Wi-Fire Connection Manager 2.2 (WCM2.2) for Windows, which has much smaller memory requirements for XP and Vista than any other adapter on the market, as well as the WCM 1.1 for Mac. The Wi-Fire is plug-and-play for most popular Linux distributions with the Wi-Fire driver and network support built-in to kernel distributions from 2.6.24 and forward.

Wi-Fire gives Windows, Linux and Macintosh users the freedom to connect to WiFi networks when they want, where they want.

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