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Camera with front-facing LCD

August 31st, 2009 No comments

Ever since cameras have been small enough to hold with just one hand people have been taking hand held self portraits. I pride myself on being a master of it. I know just what angles work and about 95% of all self portraits I’ve done the last few years have turned out framed just right. But I think I’m in the minority on this one. So I’m surprised it took this long for a company to implement such a great idea.
Samsung will be releasing a point and shoot that includes a small front-facing LCD, so you can line up your self portraits just right EVERY single time. Alas, I spent all that time perfecting my technique for nothing. Oh well!

samsung camera

And it’s not just for self portraits. It can also display the timer as well as little animations to get your kiddos to look at you when you are trying to take that all important shot of their beautiful smiling face!
Not to mention all the other excellent features of this camera: touch screen capabilities, 720p HD video and facial recognition to name just a few.
The lower end T220 runs $200, and the higher end T225 (which includes a slightly larger screen and an HDMI out) will be $350.

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Digidudes – Keychain Tripods

August 25th, 2009 No comments

Novelty gadget accessories will continue to thrive as products for as long as companies continue to manufacture gadgets.  One of the newest such novelties is actually finding itself to be quite useful.

Meet the Digidudes.  Each Digidude is a tripod.  The legs pull out of the body area to create the base, and the head of the character screws right off providing a convenient base for most compact digital cameras, Flip cameras, and other related gadgetry.  (I wouldn’t trust the little thing to hold your DSLR with your super-zooming-large lens though…just a word to the wise out there).

These little tripods could end up coming in handy in travel situations where carrying a full-sized tripod is inconvenient or even impossible.  Digidudes are not available for sale on the mass market yet, but is having a special pre-sale of them for the low price of just $19.99.

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Solar bags by Noon Solar

August 24th, 2009 No comments

I almost hate to interrupt the steady stream of Google/AT&T/Apple related topics that have been dominating GadgetMeter these last few weeks (kudos to you, Quang Ly, for fighting the good fight!) but sometimes a break is a good thing.
I’m heading out of the realm of “Serious Corporate Land” into “Eco Friendly Accessories World”.
So, I’m the kind of person that rides my bike most places. I’m also the kind of person who is rarely without my phone and ipod (I’m too scared to take my laptop on my bike because I know the minute I do something bad will happen). Anyway, the other day I was busy texting while laying out by Barton Springs Pool and my phone battery died! If only I had one of THESE:

solar powered courier bag

I could have charged it up right then and there!
These new bags by Noon Solar integrate flexible solar panels into their design. They have several styles of both messenger bags and purses and they are made from either German leather or organic hemp or cotton.
The solar power is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, weighing about 4oz, found inside the bag. Because the solar power is stored inside a battery pack, cell phones and iPods can be charged day or night.

From their website: Noon Solar bags are made from biodegradable materials so that the bags can skip the landfill and go directly into your backyard without hurting the earth. The bags are safe and non-toxic, and most of the materials will actually nourish the earth if buried. The other materials such as the solar panel and hardware can be removed and recycled or reused.
solar bag 2

And after reading their design philosophy I’m about ready to drop the several hundred dollars required to purchase one of their bags.
This is a company whose products AND philosophy I am ready to support. And that in and of itself is a rare thing these days.


Get Your Pre-Order of Mac OS X Snow Leopard Right Now

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is now available for pre-order. It will be shiipping this Friday August 28, 2009. One of the biggest advantages is that it frees up 7 Gigs for disk space and performs faster. The reason being is that Apple decided to toss out support for PowerPC chips and go solely on Intel (Universal Binary).

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The price is only $29 for an upgrade? Much more reasonable than the headaches and price you get from Microsoft Upgrades.

Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard

Official Teaser Trailer for Avatar

August 22nd, 2009 1 comment

OK I am not a James Cameron fan by any means but this movie looks freakin’ amazing. I’d watch it in 2D. How it’s going to work out in 3D, though….if he can pull this off, it will change movie making.

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AT&T, Google, & Apple respond to the FCC

August 22nd, 2009 No comments

iphone3gsAs everyone in the tech world knows, the FCC is poking into why exactly Apple decided to reject the Google Voice application from the App Store.  The investigation has dragged in Google and AT&T as well, with the FCC asking some hard questions about what exactly happened.  Today, all three companies delivered their responses.  I strongly urge you to read their responses via TechCrunch, because of the flurry of commentary that’s popped up on the web since the release, it’s my opinion that TechCrunch has gotten to the heart of the matter in Michael Arrington’s unique style.

Here is TechCrunch’s commentary on AT&T’s response, as well as the full text of the AT&T letter.

Here is TechCrunch’s commentary on Apple’s response, as well as the full text of the Apple letter.

Here is TechCrunch’s commentary on Google’s response, as well as Google’s response.

Most importantly (and if you want to skip over the previous to get to the meat of the matter), here is Michael Arrington’s insights into Apple’s distorted reality as evidenced in their letter.  Even someone like myself, who writes about gadgets out of love and as a distinctly part time hobby could see issues with Apple’s responses.

Mr. Arrington points out something that didn’t even occur to me until I read his post – aside from the email app and the phone, most of what I do with my iPhone does indeed revolve around Google-provided services.  I use Safari to access Google Reader.  I use third party apps that get me to POI’s via Google’s mapping app.  I use Google’s mapping app as a poor man’s GPS when I am too lazy to fire up my Mio.  I’ve already swapped out Apple’s Contacts and To-Do apps with an app that sync Google Calendar to my iPhone (and, god willing, will allow Tasks syncing in the near future).  As Google improves the Safari version of gMail, I’ll probably start moving over to using that more than I use the Apple mail client, especially because Apple seems incapable of providing a universal inbox a la the Palm Pre.  He’s absolutely right that the iPhone is a very pretty shell around a bunch of Google services, with Google Voice supplanting yet more iPhone functionality.

Dammit I never should have sold my Google stock.  At this rate, AT&T will be a dumb (albeit expensive) pipe to an Apple manufactured platform that provides a pretty (non-Android) version of the Google OS.

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Make Free Calls to Canada with Google Voice

August 19th, 2009 No comments
Make Free Calls to Canada with Google Voice

Make Free Calls to Canada with Google Voice

Google Voice now allows you to make free calls to Canada from within the continental US. Previously, you can only make free calls within the US with your Google Voice number.

You can make the call by logging into mobile apps , or by dialing your own Google Voice number from one of your phones and selecting option 2 to place a call. You can also install GV Mobile for a jailbroken iPhone from the Cydia store. GV is now free and can utilize your phone’s Contacts.