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AT&T Plays the Blame Game Card on Apple

Is exclusive relationship between the Death Star (aka AT&T) and Apple reaching the breaking point as well?

The FCC recently sent AT&T, Apple and Google a letter of questions in regards to the removal of Google Voice App for the iPhone. AT&T has kept quiet until recently and now showing it’s true selfish colors but blaming publicly that it is all on Apple

AT&T Is the Death Star

AT&T Is the Death Star

“AT&T does not manage or approve applications for the App Store. We have received the letter and will, of course, respond to it.”

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to know that AT&T more than likely do not have paper trails that could hold them liable for anti-competitive behavior. Nope, a phone call to Steve Jobs to have him authorize the removal of Google Voice app will do just fine. Google Voice iPhone App can offer free SMS messaging which competes with AT&T and other telecom companies highly lucrative paid SMS service. Typically, you are paying for both incoming and outgoing text message. This isn’t true when it comes to receiving an international phone call. Only the person making the call has to pay. The recipient does not.

It will be very interesting to hear the responses from Apple and AT&T for the FCC inquiry in the coming days.

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