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Leaked Photos of Google Chrome OS

These appear to be the leaked photos of the upcoming Google Chrome OS during a demo of the alpha version. A Google representative supposedly demonstrated the private beta build of the OS on an Acer laptop. The photos below were taken during the reps distraction.

Highlights of the demonstration break down as follows:

  • The install on Acer Extensa 4620Z laptop took about 10 minutes and 1 minute to restart. Better than Windows XP or Vista installs
  • Reboots in about 25 seconds.
  • Fast performance in its stripped down beta form. We suspect performance will still increase as they tweak the OS
  • The blue orb functions essentially as the Start menu.
  • Navigating the file system can be done in “exploration” (like Windows explorer) or “browser” (search based) modes
  • The Chrome Bar can also host a search ba.
  • Future Chrome OS netbooks will feature an iconified Chrome key on the keyboard similar to the Windows flag key

Via Engadget

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