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Digidudes – Keychain Tripods

Novelty gadget accessories will continue to thrive as products for as long as companies continue to manufacture gadgets.  One of the newest such novelties is actually finding itself to be quite useful.

Meet the Digidudes.  Each Digidude is a tripod.  The legs pull out of the body area to create the base, and the head of the character screws right off providing a convenient base for most compact digital cameras, Flip cameras, and other related gadgetry.  (I wouldn’t trust the little thing to hold your DSLR with your super-zooming-large lens though…just a word to the wise out there).

These little tripods could end up coming in handy in travel situations where carrying a full-sized tripod is inconvenient or even impossible.  Digidudes are not available for sale on the mass market yet, but quirky.com is having a special pre-sale of them for the low price of just $19.99.

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