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Astro-droid gaming console

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Not very long ago, in a place relatively nearby, a guy named Brian De Vitis totally became my hero. He took his R2D2 cooler and converted it into the ultimate game console. It has eight consoles, a projector and a sound system. And one of those gaming consoles is the Atari 7800 (I totally used to have one of those).

R2 front with dome 225x300 Astro droid gaming console


I’m not personally a gamer, unless you count the few times a year I find myself in an actual arcade playing Galaga or House of the Dead. It’s really the Star Wars nerd in me that this really speaks to. The only improvement I can think of would be to make some of those controllers wireless.

Via popsci.com

And in the spirit of Star Wars creativity, I found this little nugget too that really spoke to the steampunk in me…
steam punk r2d2 199x300 Astro droid gaming console


Via Boing Boing

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