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The pre-iPad Thinking Process

OK so it’s been like a year since either Quang or I posted to the blog. Not really but it seems like it. That’s the big downside of not being able to do the tech blog thing full time – you read about so many new things and you don’t have the time, money, or ability to review them properly. Sigh. What can you do? Life happens and then you reincarnate.

So some folks may have heard of this thing called the iPad that’s coming out soon?


I know, not a big deal or anything. Initial reviews of the maxiPod have been pretty much universally positive. The crowd that got the initial review units was rather diverse. Aside from the typical tech pundits, it seems that his Jobsness favored Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing with a review unit. This seemed to be a first (I don’t actually know, because I haven’t been following BB all that long. But I don’t remember her posting pre-release reviews of the iPhone or iPhone 3G. If I’m wrong, please correct me). Xeni strikes me as a woman who is willing to tell it straight, regardless of whether or not she’s an Apple fangirl. It was after reading her review that I started rethinking my interest in the Jesus Tablet.

I literally spend 80%+ of my waking day in front of the computer. Meetings at work are a relative rarity, even at my level, and my boss does a great job of letting me do my thing and trusting that I’m actually working rather than surfing the net or watching YouTube all day. When I get home, I’m still in front of the computer, not only to take care of the mundane (pay bills, update Quicken, download podcasts, etc) but also basically consuming the news I wasn’t able to read while at work. It means that I am bathed in the glow of phosphors way too much. It also means that we do not use most of the house I’m paying for because both my wife and I are in our study in front of our respective computers.

My wife is an incredibly patient soul who loves me way more than I probably deserve. Despite the fact that she doesn’t see me during my working day, she is totally respectful of the fact that when I get home, I do actually need some time to just do nothing (nothing being defined as random Internet browsings and the like). She allows me that de-stress time without complaint, but because she likes to be nearby in case I actually want a conversation, she spends time on Twitter and Facebook and the like. I think that the iPad might be able to change that dynamic.

By making content and browsing mobile, I can move my consumption from the study to, say, the kitchen. Or the living room. Or the back yard. Or the park. This would allow her to do other things (like watch TV or read) while I continue to do other destressing things.  Sure, I could do this with the iPhone but I’ve found that the screen is just too painfully small for long engagement. Plus I still have the 3G and it is painfully slow. So right now it’s either laptop or nothing. The iPad would change that equation. It would also allow me to do light content creation (like, oh say, blogging) away from my desk. That would give me a lot more chances to blog. I’d still have to do the picture inserts and such at my desk, but that’s fine. And once multi-tasking is integrated into the OS, it should be a lot easier to do full content entry.

So maybe I’ll be swinging by the Apple store in late April/early May when the 3G-enabled version comes available…

OK so I lied. I actually am finishing this post on my 64GB iPad. The wife and I decided to go check out the iPad at our local Apple store. We went around 5:30pm fully expecting a mob scene and a total lack of supply. It turned out to be pretty crowded but not terrible. And there was plenty of stock. We played around with the Jesus pad for about an hour and truth be told we weren’t that impressed. In fact we were chatting with another guy doing the same thing and he too was not impressed. And he was a fanboi so that said a lot.

So why did I buy it? Honestly I’m not sure. Now that I’ve been playing with the iPad for about six hours I’m equally impressed and annoyed. But that will be covered in my post later today.

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