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Facebook Mail Will Not Threaten Gmail

November 15th, 2010 1 comment
Facebook Mail

Facebook Mail

Facebook recently launched their own mail service so users can now have their own vanity email addresses There are some talks that this is a threat to Google’s Gmail. I doubt this is true, at least anywhere in the near future. Yes, it’s true that tweens and teens use text and Facebook to communicate. This, however, will not cause disruption in Gmail. Remember when Google Wave was supposed to be its own Gmail Killer? Why didn’t Google Wave succeed? Because there is nothing wrong with Gmail that really needs complete overhaul. What will likely happen is that we will just be introduced to more options of communicating of our choice and the recipient’s.

  • phone
  • text
  • email (Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL)
  • Chat (Gtalk, Skype, Chat, FaceTime)

The point is no one service will monopolize communication.

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MacBook Air Bugs are being reported

November 4th, 2010 No comments

MacBook Air Bugs are being reported
The new MacBook Air models unveiled late last month are the slimmest computers that came from Apple as of late. There are reports, however, that the early MacBook Air adopters have encountered some bugs. Among the issues is a bug where the display flickers or shows horizontal lines of varying colors when a computer wakes from sleep or after hot-plugging a display. Another bug causes the screen to fade from light to dark repeatedly after waking from sleep. Appleā€™s internal support system includes suggestions for interim fixes in each of these cases, but no permanent fixes are available at this time. Apple has stated internally that the aforementioned issues have been isolated and will be addressed in an upcoming software update. When dealing with customers, Apple employees have been instructed to state that the company is aware of these issues and is working on solutions.

Every great leap encounters a few hurdles.

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