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Alaska Airlines Replace Paper Flight Manuals with iPad

May 31st, 2011 No comments

ipad hi 600x398 Alaska Airlines Replace Paper Flight Manuals with iPad

We mentioned how Apple retail stores have been revamped to replace paper signs with the more eco-friendly and customer-interactive iPads but it seems like places other than Apple have decided to join in the revamping.

As part of an ongoing effort to use technology to enhance flight safety, improve efficiency, and protect the environment, Alaska Airlines have decided to issue iPad to their pilots, replacing paper flight manuals pilots are required to carry during flight.  This process of handing out iPads will wrap up by mid-June.

This process has made Alaska Airlines the first domestic airline to use the iPad to replace paper manuals (Alaska Airlines).

“We’ve been exploring the idea of an electronic flight bag for several years,” vice president of flight operations Gary Beck said, “but never found a device we really liked.  When the iPad hit the market, we took one look at it and said this is the perfect fit.”

The phrase “there’s an app for everything” applies here as well as there is an app called “GoodReader” which is loaded with PDF versions of 41 flight systems and performance manuals, reference cards, and other materials.  The material can be upgraded using one tap on the iPad’s screen, replacing the labor-intensive process of replacing individual pages with new ones.  Since the iPad is recognized as a Class 1 electronic device, it will be stowed during takeoff and landing under the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations.

Along with ease of use, it’s also cost-effective.  There will be lower paper, printing and distribution expenses and reduced fuel consumption (since some weight is removed from the planes).  And along with cost-effectiveness, the iPads will also be beneficial to the pilot’s health.  There will be fewer back and muscle injuries caused by the flight bags (over 50 pounds).

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Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera

May 31st, 2011 1 comment

Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera

Summer is a time for vacations, family bonding, and memories so with the Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera, you can view the world through the eyes of your child

With this video camera that’s made specifically for children is fun, durable, and easy to use and not only takes video Video%20Camera Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camerabut takes pictures as well and is water proof to 3 feet which makes this perfect for vacations where you’ll be around water. This is perfect for the curious child because not only do they have their own gadget to play around with but it also keeps your grown-up camera away from accidental falls.

 Little Tikes My Real Digital Video CameraThe camera can record videos in 640×480 resolution and takes photos with 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x zoom and an LED flash built in.  The camera also has the ability to easily plug into a computer and TV for video/picture playback and includes 64MB of built-in memory.  If that’s not enough memory for you and your child, the camera also includes a space for extra storage (SD memory cards).

But the camera’s waterproof capabilities really set it apart from the other cameras made for children. The handles and lens area are rubberized for comfort and protection, and a shoulder strap and a case are included for easy carrying.

Your child can explore it’s artistic vision with this camera, which includes features to add frames or sounds to videos and photos!


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Emergency Underpants Dispenser

May 30th, 2011 No comments

emergency underpants dispenser Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Everyone’s heard of the phrase of being “scared s**tless” but what happens if that unfortunate event actually happens to you?  Or what happens if you actually do laugh so hard that you find your pants a little wet?  You probably don’t carry around an extra pair of underwear for life’s little surprises so what do you do?

With the Emergency Underpants Dispenser, you can take a little sigh of relief because you’ll always have a pair of underpants wherever you go.  You can keep the dispenser in your car, in your house, and even in your office.

This makes a great gag gift for a friend or a very unique gift for Father’s Day that’ll sure to have your father laughing until he wets himself.  And when that happens, he’ll have an extra pair at hand.

At just 4” tall, each box contains 5 pairs of disposable unisex underpants that’s made to fit most adults.

Get your own here.



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Credit Card Lightbulb

May 30th, 2011 No comments

credit card lightbulb1 Credit Card Lightbulb

A flashlight is always a handy thing to keep around your house and your car for emergencies but what happens if you’re not in your house or car?  You wouldn’t carry around a flashlight with you so what do you do when you need some light to light your way?

With the unique Credit Card Lightbulb, you’ll be able to carry around a source of light as you would a credit card everywhere you go when you’re in a jam in the dark.  It won’t emit the same power of light that a flashlight would but it’s a pretty useful gadget and would make a great and unique gift.

cbd4 credit card lightbulb cluster Credit Card Lightbulb

At just 3.39 x 2.09 x 0.12 inches, it won’t add bulk to your wallet or back pocket.  It’s powered by an included battery and all you have to do to turn it on is fold up the lightbulb cutout into the upright position and then let there be light!  The rest of the Credit Card Lightbulb acts as a stand for the lightbulb.

You can get yours at ThinkGeek for $4.99 but I’ve looked around and you can buy yours at eBay for a cheaper price.

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Coffee Cup Power Inverter

May 29th, 2011 1 comment

b29e coffee cup inverter Coffee Cup Power Inverter

When you need a quick perk-me-up coffee is usually the drink that does the trick so why not use the same thing for your gadgets like your phone, camera, and DVD players?  With the Coffee Cup Power Inverter, you can do just that without the liquids that would inevitably damage your electronic devices!b29e coffee cup inverter package Coffee Cup Power Inverter

This gadget, shaped like a coffee cup, fits into your car’s cup holder and includes 2 AC plugs that turn your car’s DC power into 120 volt AC outlets as well as a USB power port, providing 500mA of power (perfect for your iPod).

This gadget is great for saving your devices and converting your car’s battery because of its overload protection.  With this, you won’t have to worry about short circuiting your other gadgets.  Your also won’t drain your car’s battery because of its low battery shut-off.

What’s great about having an inverter shaped like a coffee cup is that since is fits into any standard cup holder, you won’t have to throw it on the passenger side’s floor.  You’ll always have a place for it where it’s easy to get to.


b29e coffee cup inverter inuse Coffee Cup Power Inverter

At $29.99, the price is reasonable enough for the person on-the-go and for someone in need of a whimsical yet practical inverter.


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TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard

May 29th, 2011 No comments

e66e iphone case with keyboard hero TK 421 iPhone Case with Flip Out Keyboard

Do you have an iPhone because you love the fact that it’s free of a physical keyboard but often wonder reminisce the days when you used to use one and wish you could use one again without putting your iPhone to waste?  Even if you haven’t, you can finally do so with the TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard by ThinkGeek!e66e iphone case with keyboard inuse TK 421 iPhone Case with Flip Out Keyboard

With the TK-421, available for the iPhone 4 and 3GS, you can give your iPhone a physical keyboard that appears not unlike a T-Mobile Sidekick.  Simply rotate the device via a swivel and voila—keyboard.  But instead of having a swivel that’s spring-loaded, the TK-421 has magnets that lock it when it’s open and closed.  The device attaches to your iPhone via Bluetooth and is compatible with apps such as mail, notes, browsing, and calendar.

e66e iphone case with keyboard grid embed TK 421 iPhone Case with Flip Out Keyboard

If you’re worried about draining your phone’s battery, don’t be because the TK-421 doesn’t connect with the iPhone’s dock connector but, rather, uses its own battery and comes with a micro-USB cable to charge it.

At less than two and a half ounces, you don’t need to worry about adding too much bulk on your phone.  The case is comprised of two parts—one part acts as a regular iPhone case and the other acts as the physical keyboard.

So whether or not you’re dying to have a physical keyboard again, this little device can give you the great option to have one and is sure to have a few looks wherever you go.  So jealous.

Available at ThinkGeek for $39.99




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MiLi Power Pico Projector

May 28th, 2011 No comments

p60 1 MiLi Power Pico Projector
As Lady Gaga said, the cell phone is the camera of the future but what would the camera of the future be without the ability to back in time and be like the camera of the past. With the MiLi Power Pico Projector, you can finally show your files from your iPhone (iPod, iPad) just like your family used to do with the old family vacation photos anywhere you want without the hassle of a cumbersome projector.

d596 mili iphone projector inuse embed MiLi Power Pico Projector

The MiLi Power Pico Projector, the first folding design Pico Projector in the world (MiLi), gives you the ability to show a room full of people what’s on your device rather than having everyone crowd around the phone or without having to pass around the phone. With this gadget, everyone can experience your memories, photos, and movies, all at once.

d596 mili iphone projector MiLi Power Pico Projector

What’s great about this device, besides having the ability to turn your phone into an entertainment system for the whole room, is that it acts as an external power bank so you’ll never worry about running out of batteries for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Product Specification
Li-Pol Battery:11.1V/1200mAh
Projection Screen Size:5-70inches
Resolution:640×480 pixels (VGA)
Projection System: LCOS RGB
LED Lifetime: 20000 hours
Projection Source: iPhone,iPod,MP4,DVD,STB and Laptop etc.
(Source: MiLi)

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