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Born This “Grey”: Lady Gaga and Polaroid’s “Grey Label”

It was announced on January 5, 2010 that Polaroid had teamed up with Lady Gaga, making her the corporation’s creative director. And on January of this year, the fruits of their labor had finally been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show—the Polaroid Grey Label, original products co-designed by Lady Gaga and her creative team, the Haus of Gaga.

Lady Gaga & Polaroid

Gaga and Polaroid unveiled three new products under the Grey Label:
1. GL10 Instant Mobile Printer:

When asked what the camera of the future is, Gaga raised her Blackberry and said, “This is.”  Gaga believes that cell GL10 Instant Mobile Printerphones are the cameras of the future.  Often times, pictures taken on cell phones are forgotten but with this printer, those photos will finally see the light of day.  Synced via Bluetooth, the photos are sent to the printer and within 40 seconds, a 3×4 photo will be printed out on embedded dye-crystal ZINK Zero Ink Technology from ZINK Imaging.   Since the crystals are embedded, they require no messy ribbons, toner or inkjet cartridges.

The GL10 Instant Mobile Printer will be available in May 2011 (US $149.99 MSRP). ZINK 3×4″ Paper will be available in May 2011 at a price to be announced.*

2. GL30 Instant Digital Camera:

GL30 Instant Digital CameraAt CES, Gaga said that the camera holds 10 photos in each film cartridge and registers both digitally and as a regular Polaroid camera.  The camera also packs an LCD display. She also said that she and Polaroid are planning on creating a camera that has the ability to send photos you’ve taken to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

The GL30 Instant Digital Camera will be available later this year, at a price to be announced.*

3. GL20 Camera Glasses:

According to Polaroid, these glasses merge fashion with photography.  With the glasses, you can instantly capture or upload photos as well as record video with the built-in camera and then display the GL20 Camera Glassesphotos taken on the glasses’ built-in LCD screens for onlookers to see.  Think Lady Gaga’s iPod glasses.  You will be able to send images, via Bluetooth, to the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer.

The GL20 Camera Glasses will be available later this year, at a price to be announced.*

Read more at: Polaroid

*No official announcement has been given yet about when the actual availability of these products will be.  So far, only the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer is available for pre-order on Polaroid’s website and will ship in June 2011.


What do you think?  Is Polaroid a thing of the past or do you like their fusion of old school Polaroid with the digital era?  Would you wear the camera glasses or is that a look only the Lady herself can pull off?

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