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Blackberry Presenter

Blackberry Presenter

Want to make your Blackberry into a portable presentation device?  The Blackberry Presenter can do that for you.  Designed for professionals who are on the go, just plug it into a project, monitor, and present PowerPoint files wirelessly, via Bluetooth, from your smartphone.

At under an inch tall, 3.4 inches long and 2.4 inches wide, gone are the days of lugging around your laptop—just take your smartphone out of your pocket and voila, presentation ready.

At the back of the device you’ll find three ports: VGA, S-Video, and micro USB.  There, you’ll also find a toggle to switch the device’s output from NTSC to PAL.  This feature is great because it allows switching depending on what region you may be in (especially for those who travel countries frequently), according to DigitalTrends.


Blackberry Presenter Back

Three ports behind the device + toggle


The key features of the device include:

  • Loop mode – allowing you to set the time between slides as you deliver your presentation Support for PowerPoint effects – accurately showing most of the slide animations and transitions from PowerPoint 2003 – 2007
  • Freeze mode – allowing you to browse through the rest of your presentation on your smartphone Bluetooth connection – allowing roaming up to 10m from the device
  • Single button operation – the button on top of the device to put it to sleep, wake it up, or show a new presentation.


Downsides of the device

  • Tendency to lag to as PowerPoints load to the device
  • Lack of HDMI, DVI or audio output
  • Inability to show any type of files except PowerPoints
  • In order to protect your information, all files must be deleted from the device the next time you turn the device on.  Because of this, it cannot be used as a portable drive.  However, files can be left on the presentation, as long as they’re leftover from a previous presentation.
  • At $199, the price is close to a netbook’s price


  • See the Presenter in Action:

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