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Hasbro My3D: To Be or Not 3D

Hasbro My3D

3D seems to be the latest fad in entertainment these days from movies coming out in 3D format to Nintendo’s 3DS.  Now, with the Hasbro My3D, you can make your Apple device into your own little 3D cinema.


More like a modern View-Master—you just place your Apple device into a holder on one end and then look through the other.  The main body of the device, available in black and white and trimmed in blue, is made of thick plastic.  The end where you look through is matted with a firm rubber and is comfortable against your eyes.  The My3D comes with backplates for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G(S), and for the third-and-fourth generation iPod touches.

Apps & 3D

There is a free app titled My3DPresents, which acts as an introduction to the 3D experience.  It also serves as a space for 3D photos and videos, including trailers for 3D movies, 3D photo displays, and a list of available 3D games for the My3D.

The iTunes store has a few free apps that can be used with the My3D including games such as 360 Sharks, Teleport L.A., Sector 17, Shatterstorm, and Tunnel Pilot.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

Images on an iPhone 3GS, however, were pixelated due to the My3D’s use of two side-by-side images on the screen, one for each eye (USA Today). This problem was not apparent in the iPhone 4, and later iPod touch models because of the retina display’s higher resolution.  The resolution is also clearer than the Nintendo 3DS screen in 3D mode.




In order to use your Apple device’s touch screen, you insert your thumbs into two holes at the bottom of the My3D.  Many games use the Apple device’s accelerometer, giving you the ability to tilt your device as you play.

Hasbro My3D (2)


At just $35, the Hasbro My3D is one of the cheaper alternatives for a 3D experience compared to the Nintendo 3DS or a 3D HDTV, which will cost you over $100.


Bottom Line:


Cheaper alternative to Nintendo 3DS

-Compatibility with iOS devices


-Limited amount of 3D-ready apps

-Apps that are available don’t offer that much—not compelling enough


What do you think?  Would you get this or do you think 3D is just a fad?

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