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Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450

Octive Stage

If you search online for an iPod dock, you’ll find a ton of options to fit your tastes and lifestyle but it’s a little harder to find a dock for your iPad.  If you’re having no such luck, you can try out the Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450.

This dock serves as a dock as well as a speaker dock for your iPad, which features a unique design resembling an iMac.  The back brace and iPad connector are built into an arm rotates and bends backwards, allowing you the ability to use your iPad in portrait and landscape mode, as well as the ability to view your iPad in various angles.

Octive Stage

The versatility of the dock gives you the ability to use it around your house—your bedroom, the kitchen—basically anywhere.  For example, you can use it as a handy device to listen to your favorite music or use it to read newspapers, iBooks, etc. in the kitchen.  In the bedroom, you can download the Nightstand app to use your iPad as an alarm clock, complete with weather updates and sleep timer (Digital Trends).

This dock also packs an auxiliary input jack so you’ll be able to use non-Apple MP3 players, dual 2-inch neodymium drivers, and a remote control (compatible only with Apple products).

Octiv Stage

While sound is acceptable for casual listening, the bass is thin and eventually distorts at high volumes.  The remote is pretty much useless since you’re forced to manually open iPad apps you want to use first.  For example, when want to watch a video, you must first play video and then you’ll be able to use the remote to pause, play, fast forward, etc.

Structurally, it’s pretty simple, featuring only a power button and volume controls on the front of the speaker.  It would have been more preferable if it featured a USB port for charging phones and other portable devices, says CNET.  This USB port could also have given you the ability to sync your iPad with your computer.

Octiv Stage

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