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Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine

Julius Dance Machine

Here’s an iPod speaker and dock that’s sure to add some personality to your space.

Made by American fashion designer Paul Frank in collaboration with audio company SpeakerCraft, it features Paul Frank’s iconic monkey mascot, Julius the Monkey.  What gets better than an iconic monkey mascot embracing your Apple iPod as you swoon to your favorite tunes?

“By juxtaposing our two very unlikely companies together we are combining inspired technology with inspired design,” Ryan Heuser, president and co-founder of Paul Frank says.  “The end result being a blend which enhances the audio and visual aesthetics for the customer and creates something pretty delicious.”

The design of the iPod dock is pretty simple—it features mascot Julius the Monkey, sitting cross-legged with open arms just waiting to embrace your iPod device.  It’s made from matte-finish plastic, which has a very high quality look and feel to it.

As far as controls go, there are three buttons: the power button, located on Julius’ head, and two volume buttons, one Julius Dance Machineon each of Julius’ ears.  Simple as that.  In Julius’ lap you’ll find the iPod connector, backed by a metal brace, preventing damage to your iPod.

Unfortunately, since there are only three buttons and comes with no remote on the dock itself, you’ll have to use your iPod’s playback capabilities to play music.  The dock also an interchangeable dock but ironically doesn’t actually include the adapters.

Fortunately, the dock does come with a rechargeable battery, which Paul Frank says has about 6 hours of play time under normal usage (Paul Frank).  The dock also features a convenient low battery warning indicator.  Also featured is an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo plug audio input so you’ll be able to play and listen to your non-Apple products as well but, also ironically, it doesn’t actually include the auxiliary cable.

Despite missing some convenient, but not necessarily essential, parts you’ll enjoy Paul Frank’s Julius Dance Machine iPod dock, whether you like monkeys, Paul Frank, or an iPod dock that lets you show your fun side.

You can purchase your own on the Paul Frank website to purchase the dock ($99).

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