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Corn Catching Kerneler

Eating corn on the cob has always been a picnic favorite but what do you do when you only half of the cob and want to save the rest?  Sure you can cut the rest using a knife but you don’t always cut the kernels at the right places, wasting a lot of the corn.

Corn Catching Kerneler

What’s great about this little gadget is that it not only cuts the kernels off of the cob using stainless steel blades but it also acts as a catching and storing device for the kernels for later consumption.

Corn Catching Kerneler

Product features:

Removes and collects kernels in one quick motion

Neatly collects kernels in the container

Holds approximately 2 ears of kernel

Stainless steel and plastic (5 x 5 x 1 3/4”)

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