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Color Adjusting Illuminated Vase

Illuminated Vase

You can combine your love technology with your love nature with this illuminated vase!  Flowers always bring a sense of color into your space but with this vase, you can finally add some color to the water your flowers are in as well without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

In fact, what’s great about this vase is that, compared to using food coloring where you would have to change the water every time you want another color, it has 300 different colors!  The 14 LED lights (6 white, 8 colored) built into the rim of the vase is able to reproduce over 300 different shades of colors so you’ll have the ability to fit the scheme of your home.

The LED lights also almost don’t give off any heat, so your flowers won’t get overheated leading to a longer healthier life.

Included are rechargeable batteries that, after a 10-hour charge, will light up the vase for 12 hours.


Light up your space for $179.95

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