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ForkChops Eating Utensils


Chopsticks will always be utensils that need mastering for some people and sometimes it’s so difficult that, instead, you opt for using a fork to eat your food but with the ForkChops Eating Utensils, you’ll be able to master the chopsticks as well have a handy fork and knife to use whenever you wish without having to wash extra utensils.


On each end of the sticks you’ll find chopsticks and on the other ends you’ll find a fork and knife.  You get the best of both worlds, as Miley would say it.  The tips of the chopsticks are also textured so you get a good grip of your food without having to worry about slippage.


Available at ThinkGeek.com for only $5.99, you can get these to eat just about anything from pancakes to noodles—just rotate the sticks and you’ll be prepared.  “Always look classy by having the proper utensil at hand (and not clumsy, if you find things you just can’t eat well with chopsticks).”

What are you waiting for?  Get your own ForkChops and start eating!


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