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Trudeau’s Bottle Cap Catcher

Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher

With Trudeau Corporation Bottle Cap Catcher, you’ll no longer find those pesky bottle caps around your house.  It’s so easy to find bottle openers but where do those caps usually end up?  The floor, between couch cushions, tables—just about anywhere, which is just a pain to clean up after a get-together.

Trudeau’s Bottle Cap Catcher functions as both a bottle opener as well as a cap-storage device.  It holds up to approximately 30 bottle caps in the clear body, featuring a flexible base that can be easily removed to empty the device and dispose of the caps.

Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher

Buy yours at TheAwesome.com and with the Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher, “Less time for cleaning means more time drinking.”

Drink responsibly!



Open bottles with a catcher that catches up to 30 bottle caps

Eliminate stray bottle caps around your home

Soft-touch removable base for easy disposal of caps


See it in action below:


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