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Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Coffee Inverter

When you need a quick perk-me-up coffee is usually the drink that does the trick so why not use the same thing for your gadgets like your phone, camera, and DVD players?  With the Coffee Cup Power Inverter, you can do just that without the liquids that would inevitably damage your electronic devices!Coffee Inverter

This gadget, shaped like a coffee cup, fits into your car’s cup holder and includes 2 AC plugs that turn your car’s DC power into 120 volt AC outlets as well as a USB power port, providing 500mA of power (perfect for your iPod).

This gadget is great for saving your devices and converting your car’s battery because of its overload protection.  With this, you won’t have to worry about short circuiting your other gadgets.  Your also won’t drain your car’s battery because of its low battery shut-off.

What’s great about having an inverter shaped like a coffee cup is that since is fits into any standard cup holder, you won’t have to throw it on the passenger side’s floor.  You’ll always have a place for it where it’s easy to get to.


Coffee Inverter

At $29.99, the price is reasonable enough for the person on-the-go and for someone in need of a whimsical yet practical inverter.


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