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Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Everyone’s heard of the phrase of being “scared s**tless” but what happens if that unfortunate event actually happens to you?  Or what happens if you actually do laugh so hard that you find your pants a little wet?  You probably don’t carry around an extra pair of underwear for life’s little surprises so what do you do?

With the Emergency Underpants Dispenser, you can take a little sigh of relief because you’ll always have a pair of underpants wherever you go.  You can keep the dispenser in your car, in your house, and even in your office.

This makes a great gag gift for a friend or a very unique gift for Father’s Day that’ll sure to have your father laughing until he wets himself.  And when that happens, he’ll have an extra pair at hand.

At just 4” tall, each box contains 5 pairs of disposable unisex underpants that’s made to fit most adults.

Get your own here.



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