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Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera

Little Tikes Video Camera

Summer is a time for vacations, family bonding, and memories so with the Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera, you can view the world through the eyes of your child

With this video camera that’s made specifically for children is fun, durable, and easy to use and not only takes video Little Tikes Video Camerabut takes pictures as well and is water proof to 3 feet which makes this perfect for vacations where you’ll be around water. This is perfect for the curious child because not only do they have their own gadget to play around with but it also keeps your grown-up camera away from accidental falls.

Little Tikes Picture QualityThe camera can record videos in 640×480 resolution and takes photos with 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x zoom and an LED flash built in.  The camera also has the ability to easily plug into a computer and TV for video/picture playback and includes 64MB of built-in memory.  If that’s not enough memory for you and your child, the camera also includes a space for extra storage (SD memory cards).

But the camera’s waterproof capabilities really set it apart from the other cameras made for children. The handles and lens area are rubberized for comfort and protection, and a shoulder strap and a case are included for easy carrying.

Your child can explore it’s artistic vision with this camera, which includes features to add frames or sounds to videos and photos!


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