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Joystick-It iPad Arcade Stick


Besides being the camera of the future, the iPhone, the iPod and their bigger cousin the iPad, have become the gaming consoles of the future, outselling both the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS in games.

Even if you’re a stickler for the future, you always want that little bit of nostalgia and with ThinkGeek’s Joystick-It iPad Arcade Stick, you’ll be able to combine the past with the future.

Joystick-ItThe games for the iPad, like racing games, benefit from the iPad’s accelerometer but there are some games that don’t play as well despite the touch-screen joystick which could feel a bit clumsy at times.  With the iPad Arcade Stick, you’ll always have physical joysticks.

ThinkGeek’s solid milled-aluminum gadget attaches right onto the iPad’s screen.  The fact that it’s not made from flimsy plastic gives the gadget a solid feel so you won’t have to worry about accidental breaks.

Once you attach the Sticks to the iPad screen via a suction cup, it works just like those gloves with the specialized tips Joystick-Itso you’re able to work the iPad (and iPhone, iPod Touch) screen without having to take your gloves off.  Because of this, it doesn’t actually connect with the iPad so it can work with any gadget with a touchscreen.

Add some nostalgia to your future with the Joystick-it iPad Arcade Stick.

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