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Flies Be Gone Fly Trap

Flies Be GoneThe hot temperatures are back so that can only mean that those pesky flies are just around the corner looking for a colder refuge inside your home. What do you do when you don’t want to fill your house with the dangerous and foul fumes of insecticides?

If you want a safer, more economical route to getting rid of those bugs, Flies Be Gone Fly Trap is the way to go. With this little device, all you’ll have to do is tie somewhere in your home, pour the bait in the bag, and add water and voila—flies be gone. The flies will be lured into the trap but won’t be able to find their way out.

The device, which catches up to 20,000 flies per bag, can be used not only in your house but wherever the little nuisances turn up—barns, chicken coops, and the like.

The best part of this device, besides getting rid of those pesky flies, is that it uses no toxins, poisons or insecticides. The easy maintenance is a plus too. The old phrase “Set it and forget it” for that infomercial product applies here too!

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Watch this home-made video of the device in action.



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