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Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill

Mindem Master Grill

Even if you like the great outdoors, sometimes it’s just too hot that you just want to kick back and enjoy the great air-conditioned environment of the indoors.    Or it’s in the cold weather of December and you want Summer to come a little early.  With the Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill, you’ll be able to do the grilling you love to do outside…inside!

Its unique design lets you do the outdoor, open-flame grilling you love but gathers all of the grease inside the grill.  What’s great about this grill is that it uses the same, heavy-duty grate design that an outdoor grill uses so you get the ultimate outdoor grilling experience.

Because of its round shape, it will work on any standard, raised electric, gas or propane stove.  A round opening at the Minden Grillbottom of the grill allows you to place the grill over a burner to produce heat.  The added heat shield helps evenly cook food and the grease drips to the bottom of the grill to avoid splatters.  The internal channel around the outside of the grill can hold up to 3 or 4 burger patties.

The handles are silicone and can be removed and placed in a dishwasher for cleaning and the grill itself can be placed in a self-cleaning oven.  Bet your standard grill can’t do that.

With the Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill, you’ll be able to have a BBQ even if the outdoors are saying, “Winter!”

Hint:  This also makes a perfect Father’s Day gift!

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