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Windows 8: A step in the right direction?

Windows 8


On June 1, Windows unveiled a few features from their next-generation OS, tentatively called, “Windows 8.”  More of a reimagining of Windows, “Windows 8” is the internal code-name, Windows says, from chip to surface.

Looking at the demo and images, it’s clear that Windows is basing the new OS on Windows IU, found on mobile phones.

The most obvious change is the new layout of the Start screen, which is tile-based and replaced the current Start screen with the Windows IU-esque screen, which allows customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps.  Instead of the usual web pages, the new OS shows both static programs as well as “live tiles” which provide up-to-date notifications and updates, some of which—like the weather tile—you don’t even need to open to view.

Windows 8 also incorporates multitasking, providing “fluid, natural switching between running apps.”  You’ll have the ability to resize an app to the side of your screen, utilizing multitasking.

The new OS will also have the ability to use current web standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and will also have the capacity to use the upcoming Internet Explorer 10 by Microsoft.

Is the new OS on the right path?  It all depends on you.  While the new tile system was incorporated to provide ease of use, some users think it’s too similar to the Windows mobile system.  Microsoft has also said that although the new OS has been designed and optimized with tablets in mind, it will work equally well with PCs  Some users, however, are not convinced yet, criticizing the choice to design based on tablets.



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