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VOi! Interim iPhone 4 Case

Voi interim
If you’re clumsy and always dropping your phone, or if you’re planning on vacation and afraid of misplacing your phone, what’s the best solution for you? A lanyard to keep your phone right wrist will no doubt keep your phone from accidental drops or misplacements.

What’s that you say? The iPhone doesn’t feature an eyelet for said lanyard? Of course, how could I forget? Fortunately, there’s a company and a case that has these worries in mind.

The VOi! Interim iPhone case, which features an eyelet right at the back of the case, has “you,” your phone and your Voi Interimaccidental drops in mind. “It was not just about PROTECTING the iPhone from bumps and scratches,” VOi! says, “the bigger solution was to help PREVENT accidental drops completely.”

The case looks like a iPhone 4 bumper but with a translucent back so you’ll be able to see the Apple logo but have protection from scratches and drops at the same time.

The Interim is made for the iPhone 4, but fear not iPhone 3GS owners, VOi! had you in mind as well and already has a case made for the 3G/3GS, the Lorem.

No longer will you need to worry about accidental drops or envious people coming to snatch your precious Apple product away!

Get yours at VOi!

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